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Board training – In the field

The electric utility industry is notorious for speaking in acronyms. kWh. OCR. G & T. MISO. MW. The list goes on and on.

The EnerStar board of directors are members just like you who were elected to serve the membership. They all have “day jobs” and do not work for an electric utility. To help them better understand it all, our statewide and national associations offer training and education to help directors easily wear their “co-op hat.”

At the monthly board meetings, when we need more than just discussion, every so often we take the training “on the road.” It offers board members a chance to SEE what we are talking about in the board room. “It is one thing to talk about 69 kV automatic switches,” said CEO Mike Clark. “It is something very different to see the structure and learn how the equipment operates and benefits the cooperative.”

At the July board meeting, the co-op took it on the road and toured parts of EnerStar’s electric service territory in Edgar and Clark counties. Board members learned about recent upgrades at two substations, visited larger electric accounts including Paris High School and Mill Creek Park, and learned more about the entire system, not just the area from which they serve.

“The co-op employees appreciate the extra time the directors took to learn more about the cooperative,” added Clark. “It really was a great learning experience for everyone, including inside employees at the cooperative who are not in the field.”

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