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Cooperation Among Cooperatives: Hurricane Edition

There is nothing like the cooperative family. As a co-op, we are driven by seven core principles with the sixth being Cooperation Among Cooperatives. EnerStar had the opportunity to help fellow electric co-ops twice in the past couple of months when our crews stepped up to assist others in our cooperative family in the aftermath of two
severe hurricanes. 

The first crew assisted South River EMC in Dunn, N.C. following Hurricane Florence in September. The second crew went to help in the wake of Hurricane Michael in October to assist South River EMC again, but they were soon diverted to West Florida Electric Cooperative in Bonifay, Fla. 

“Helping others in need is a great feeling,” said Journeyman Lineman Scott Newlin. “It makes the 17-hour days all worth it.” When asked how they stay focused in those dangerous situations, Newlin replied, “Monster caffeine drinks. A lot of them.” Journeyman Lineman Kent Milbourn added, “The key is to stay busy and keep going. It’s the down time that can get to you.”

Needless to say the folks at EnerStar are co-op proud! We know in our time of need the co-op family will come to our assistance too.

These journeyman linemen answered the call for assistance when our co-op family was in need. Pictured left to right: Russ Camp, Chad Cornwell, Keith Borchers, Jake Keys, Kent Milbourn and Scott Newlin.


While crews were helping in Florida following Hurricane Michael, back at the co-op EnerStar’s Angela Griffin received a telephone call from Joe in Florida.

“Don’t you love it when you answer the phone and the call leaves you with a full heart?” Griffin said. Joe had been without power for nine days after Hurricane Michael plowed through. Joe called to let them know he understood the sacrifice they were making, along with their families, and was so appreciative of the long, exhausting hours they were working. He said, “They sure are a great group of guys.” 

In addition to Joe’s phone call, EnerStar received several notes of appreciation from hurricane victims.

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