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EnerStar Electric Cooperative observing National Co-op Month in October

Co-op Stats: There are 900 electric cooperatives located in 47 states. Electric co-ops provide power to 18 million homes, schools and businesses. Electric co-ops serve 56 percent of the nation.EnerStar Electric Cooperative is proud to join 30,000 cooperatives nationwide in October to celebrate National Co-op Month, which recognizes the many ways cooperatives are committed to strengthening the local communities they serve. “Co-ops Commit” is the theme for this year’s celebration, spotlighting the countless ways cooperatives meet the needs of their members and communities.

“Our cooperative delivers electricity to more than 5,000 member-owners in our five-county service area in east, central Illinois,” says CEO Mike Clark. “Delivering safe, reliable, affordable power is our top priority, but we are also invested in our communities because we are locally owned and operated. Revenue generated by EnerStar goes back to Main Street, not Wall Street.”

Rural America is served by a network of about 900 electric cooperatives, most of which were formed in the 1930s and 40s to bring electricity to farms and rural communities that large, investor-owned power companies had no interest in serving because of the higher costs involved in serving low-population and low-density areas.

In addition to providing the vital power co-op members depend on, EnerStar proudly supports community activities and opportunities that are vital to a positive quality of life for our members.

We are proud to be a part of the local community!

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