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EnerStar offers on-site EV charging

As things begin to open back up in Illinois after the COVID public emergency, you may have family and friends visiting from out of town. If they drive an electric vehicle (EV), a public charging station is now available in Paris at the EnerStar office.

“EVs are becoming more popular and widely available, with many manufacturers offering at least one model,” said EnerStar’s Angela Griffin. “EVs provide environmental advantages and lower operating costs that balance out the initial investment.”

“EnerStar wants to help change the future of transportation by providing a charger in our service territory where our members and the public can readily access it,” Griffin continued. “Offering convenient access to charging will help members transition to EVs.” The co-op is considering other locations but COVID has slowed the process down.

Installing chargers on major highways helps alleviate range anxiety. The distance between destinations in rural areas is a common reason why some co-op members hesitate to own an EV.

“EnerStar wants to help ensure EV technology is not limited to more densely populated metropolitan areas,” said Griffin.

So, pull up and plug in!

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