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Getting to know your cooperative employees

Engineering, Marketing and IT Departments

As we continue our series of getting to know co-op employees and their duties, we turn to three different departments for you to meet. Like many smaller electric cooperatives, it is not surprising that these departments are “one man shows,” or in the case of one department, a “one woman show.”

Tim Haddix is EnerStar’s System Engineer and began his co-op career in August 1989. He is involved in all the details behind construction plans for new build-ins, service upgrades and improvements to the co-op owned infrastructure. Much of Tim’s work is done in the field where he meets with co-op members to determine the location for the new or upgraded electric facilities. Back at the office, he sketches out the staking sheet which basically is a how-to for lineman out on the job site. Tim’s other hat is to act as EnerStar’s Energy Advisor. In this role, he helps members with high usage concerns or offers suggestions on improving energy efficiency.

Angela Griffin, who serves as the cooperative’s Manager of Marketing and Member Services, was also brought on board in August 1989. In her role, Griffin’s job varies greatly depending on the time of the year. Most co-op communications, like member correspondence and the website, pass through her desk. She is also involved in special events such as the annual meeting and special projects such as Co-op Solar, which launches this month. Griffin is also responsible for the Member Services department, which involves all aspects of the department from billing software to member programs.

If it has to do with electronics or computers, you can pretty much bet Jim Lewis is involved. He began his employment at EnerStar in 2000 but came to EnerStar with an extensive computer and information technology background and was the previous owner of Computer Wares in downtown Paris. Lewis is responsible for the co-op’s computer network and cyber security. He also works with the cooperative’s electronic meters and the computer mapping system as well as the billing and outage management software.

As you can see, three people wear many hats when it comes to these departments!

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