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Getting to know your employees

You probably haven’t thought much about the work of a lineman. But before you ever flip a switch to turn on the lights, the EnerStar linemen have already set poles, connected miles of wire and flipped more than a few switches of their own. It’s challenging work, but also important work. That in itself is very rewarding.

The EnerStar line crew is committed to helping you weather any storm. Between the rain, sleet, snow and wind, it is still the human element that differentiates electric cooperatives from other power companies. Our lineworkers form a solid team with one job: to deliver safe, reliable electricity to the membership. But that job can change in a million ways when rough weather steps in.

Power restoration takes precedence on a lineworker’s to-do list. Can you imagine getting a call at 3 a.m. when you are needed to work outside in a snow storm? It takes a special individual.

Job safety is important to everyone, no matter your occupation. But for linemen, there can be no slip ups or careless actions. Mistakes can cost a limb or life. That’s one of the reasons linemen form a brotherhood. When you put your life in the hands of co-workers every day, they become more than colleagues. They’re family.

These highly skilled men light our homes and businesses every day. We are proud to give them a shout out for the work they do!

These journeymen linemen proudly serve the EnerStar membership day and night. Pictured above from left to right are: Keith Borchers, Russ Camp, Scott Newlin, Jake Keys and Chad Cornwell.

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