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Redesigned with you in mind

EnerStar Electric Cooperative recently debuted a new billing statement design. To better serve our member-owners, the new design needed to be an easy to read design yet one that offers information to help the consumer make smart energy decisions.

“We had used the current bill format for about 15 years, so it was time to send it to retirement,” said EnerStar’s Angela Griffin, Vice President of Utility Services. “New options available from our billing provider gave us the opportunity to make major improvements.” Griffin explained something as simple as the new placement for the telephone numbers prompted many members to call in to update incorrect information. She explained it is very important that EnerStar have correct numbers for reasons such as account information or outage reporting.

  1. Here you will find account and map information, service address of the account, and the telephone numbers we have on file. If not correct, please call EnerStar to update this important information.
  2. Meter number, read dates, meter readings and this month’s kWh consumed are located in this area. The “Sub” column shows which EnerStar substation serves electricity to your account. This is helpful during power outages when the co-op is identifying locations affected.
  3. In the graph you will find the yearly kWh history so you can compare this year’s usage with last year. We added fields so you can now compare the current month’s usage with the previous month and last year same month.
  4. The billing summary contains charges for electric service, outdoor lighting charges, and any other services you may have. Below those charges you will find applicable taxes. The payment due date is at the bottom of this section, highlighted in yellow.
  5. If you are mailing your payment, please include the billing stub from the bottom of the statement and the return envelope provided. For your convenience, we offer several payment options. See the accompanying article on payment choices available.

On the back of your billing statement you will find important information: EnerStar contact information, payment options summary, definition of terms and outage reporting. Payment extension agreements and energy assistance is included for those needing assistance paying their billing statement. Information is also provided on Budget Billing and Prepaid Electric.

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