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School Programs

Live Line Demo Chrisman Nov 2011A perfect place to spread the word about electrical safety is to the youth of our community. Teaching electrical safety at a young age ensures those thoughts and concepts will remain with the children as they mature into adults. That is why EnerStar sponsors several youth programs.


4th Grade Safety Expo

Each year, area students attend EnerStar's 4th Grade Safety Day. The innovative event begins with a demonstration presented by Kyle Finley, owner of Live Line Demo. Finley shows the children how electricity travels through wires, and what happens when a kite hits a power line or a truck backs into a utility pole. The Live Line display contains 7,200 volts of electricity and is constructed with the same poles, transformers, and line hardware used by EnerStar. Finley uses props such as a fake squirrel, a hot dog, and a balloon making for a fun, but educational program. The show is often followed by a testimonial of EnerStar member, Delmar Bell, a Paris farmer, who was injured in a power line accident many years ago.


Area High School - Live Line Demo

Like the event for the younger children, EnerStar also brings Live Line Demo to area high schools. In 2012, we visited Chrisman High School and Paris High School and in 2013, we visited Martinsville High School and Marshall High School.  The show is familiar to those students who attended as 4th graders but it takes on a more serious note as the issues of texting while driving or what to do if you car hits a utility pole are discussed. 


Get Charged! Discovery Channel School Program

The Get Charged! program is a joint initiative of EnerStar, Touchstone Energy and Discovery Channel School, to give students a real-world understanding of electricity and the important role electric cooperatives play in delivering the power that runs their everyday lives. Area middle school students have access to the school program, which provides a variety of educational tools, a Teacher's Resource Guide, and student activity books, all at no charge to the school.


Safety Literature

EnerStar can provide your school or club with electricity-related literature, including activity booklets and coloring books. Materials available are suitable for pre-schools through high school. Contact EnerStar to check on availability. Three weeks' notice is suggested as some materials must be ordered.

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