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Thoughts from Shelby Hollis, Summer communications intern

EnerStar employees Susan Watson and Kayla McElheny visit with Shelby Hollis (right) on her last day.

Throughout my short time at EnerStar, I have learned ample amounts not only about the field of communication but also about cooperatives. During my time as an intern, some of my big take-a-ways were that you need to be able to think on your feet and have a creative eye as well as an open mind to do this job. These are especially important when you, the intern, get the opportunity to take the reins on some projects, and I was fortunate enough to do just that.

Yes, there are actual tasks that the job entails such as typing articles, website management and conducting interviews, but as a communications professional, you must be ready to take on more than what is in your job description. It won’t take long to come to the realization that you fall into the category of “a jack of all trades,” but that is not a bad thing.

As I entered this journey with EnerStar, I knew that it ran differently than most companies. I knew about the board of directors and the annual meeting, but what I didn’t know is that member-owners are treated like family. I quickly came to realize that EnerStar is such a giving company to its community, member-owners and employees. Being a part of a cooperative as a member or an employee is about so much more than electricity. It’s about taking care of one another.

I would highly encourage students in the communication field to apply for this opportunity next year. You will learn so much in these 12 weeks, and it will be hard for you to leave when it is time to go. A huge thank you to everyone at EnerStar for welcoming me with open arms and giving me the opportunity to experience the real world in such a memorable way.

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