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Voting qualifications: who can vote

Because there are certain rules regarding voting procedures for the Annual Meeting of Members, it is important to remind members of their voting rights and responsibilities. The following points explain who can and cannot vote in the annual director election. By knowing these points, you can be assured your vote counts at the meeting.

  • If only one person signed the original membership application, then only that person is allowed to vote. This is known as a Single Membership. With this membership, only one name is printed on the billing statement.
  • If two people signed the membership application, then one of them may cast the vote for that membership. This is known as a Shared Membership. Both names are printed on the billing statement. 
  • If you pay your landlord for the electrical usage at a location and the landlord’s name is on the bill, you are not able to vote for that location. The membership belongs to the landlord, who would vote the membership.
  • If you have power of attorney for a member, you may vote that membership as long as the POA form is on file at the cooperative office.

If you have any further questions regarding your membership status, please contact the EnerStar office at 800-635-4145 during normal business hours. We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your account.

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