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What you need to know about the Annual Meeting

Come one, come all

    EnerStar’s Annual Meeting of Members is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 24.
    The meeting is an excellent opportunity to take part in the business of your electric cooperative. There are seven cooperative principles that guide us, and the second one is “Democratic Member-Owner Control.” This principle is what gives you as a co-op member the privilege of attending the annual meeting and participating in the director elections.
    A co-op director is a member just like you. He or she represents your district and is your voice in the cooperative. Please read on to learn more about voting in the upcoming election.

Mailing of the Official Notice

    The official notice is your notice of the upcoming meeting and the materials you need to participate in the director elections. A booklet containing the official notice will be mailed to every active membership via first-class mail in mid-February.

Contents of the Official Notice Booklet

    Included in the booklet you will find the following: notice of the meeting, voting instructions, a ballot for your representative district along with a return mailing envelope, and director candidate profiles.
    Notice of the Meeting (inside front cover of the booklet): This is the official announcement of the meeting as required by our bylaws. The notice includes the meeting date, time and location.
    Voting Instructions and Ballot (inside back cover of the booklet): At the top of the inside back cover, members will find important information regarding voting instructions. Members should carefully read these instructions to ensure their ballot is completed correctly. The ballot will be located in the bottom right hand corner and will need torn out along the perforations. This ballot will be returned in the ballot envelope.
    Return mailing ballot envelope (inside back cover in the booklet spine): For the convenience of our members, a ballot return envelope will be stamped and self-addressed to the attention of the Election Inspectors. Important: Members are required to sign the back of the return envelope where indicated. This certification verifies that the member personally voted the enclosed ballot. If the account is a shared membership, only one member is required to certify the ballot.
    If you have questions regarding your membership or the upcoming meeting, please give us a call at 800-635-4145. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at this year’s annual meeting!

About the Elections

    EnerStar’s service territory is divided into three Voting Districts, each sized to contain an approximate equal number of members. Each of the three Voting Districts contains three Representative “Director” Districts, for a total of nine Director Districts. Each year, one Director District from each of the three Voting Districts elects a director to a three-year term. This year, Director Districts 2, 4 and 7 are open for election.
    Director District 2 in Voting District A is currently served by Kevin Julian of Metcalf and includes the Townships of Carroll and Love in Vermilion County; the Townships of Young America, Ross, Prairie, Edgar and Brouilletts Creek in Edgar County; and all that portion of the Township of Shiloh lying north of the1800th Road in Edgar County.
    Director District 4 in Voting District B is currently served by John Fell of Kansas and includes the Townships of Kansas and Grandview in Edgar County; all that portion of the Township of Symmes lying south of the 400th Road and west of Illinois Highway 1 in Edgar County; and all that portion of the Township of Symmes lying south of the 300th Road and east of Illinois Highway 1 in Edgar County.
    Director District 7 in voting District C is currently served by Jeremy Williams and includes the Townships of Parker, Casey, Auburn and Martinsville in Clark County; all that portion of the Township of Dolson lying south of the 2000th Road in Clark County; and all that portion of the Township of Marshall lying north of Interstate Highway 70 in Clark County.

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