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Coop News from EnerStar

Employee spotlights: The new faces at EnerStar

There were several employee retirements at EnerStar in November 2018, so that means we have a few new faces at our cooperative. Rest assured, they will still give you the great member experience that you have come to expect from your cooperative employees!

Kim Stewart

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Planned Outage Notification Call List

If you depend on life support equipment, contact EnerStar

EnerStar does its best to keep the power on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Yet despite our best efforts, outages do occur. For most members, this is an inconvenience, but for those who depend on electricity to power life support equipment, an outage can present a real challenge. To protect yourself, be prepared by installing a generator or having some other form of backup plan.

Why we plan outages

Sometimes, you may hear that EnerStar will be having a “planned outage.” Ever wondered why? 

Occasionally, the equipment we use to bring power to your home needs to be repaired or replaced. When this happens, as a way to keep our crews and you safe, we plan a power interruption. 

Board petitions still available

The annual meeting of members is just around the corner, and the January 15, 2019 deadline to submit petitions is fast approaching. If you are interested in running for electionto the EnerStar Board of Directors, pick up your petition now!

Cooperation Among Cooperatives: Hurricane Edition

There is nothing like the cooperative family. As a co-op, we are driven by seven core principles with the sixth being Cooperation Among Cooperatives. EnerStar had the opportunity to help fellow electric co-ops twice in the past couple of months when our crews stepped up to assist others in our cooperative family in the aftermath of two
severe hurricanes. 

Longtime EnerStar employees honored at retirement

It’s a sad time when employees retire. They are family. While you wish them well, it is hard to see them go. Such a wealth of information leaves the building with them. It is hard to fill those shoes!

Petitions Available for March Board Elections

EnerStar’s 80th Annual Meeting is just around the corner, and cooperative members have the opportunity to run in the -upcoming board of directors election. Members who are eligible candidates and can commit the time and energy to the member-owned -corporation may want to consider this opportunity. 

12 Scholarships worth $2000 each!

Thomas H. Moore
IEC Memorial Scholarship Program
Ten scholarships will be awarded for the 2019-2020 school year.


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