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Budget Billing

Members wanting to eliminate the fluctuations of their monthly electric billing statement are encouraged to sign up for EnerStar's Budget Billing program.

  • EnerStar members with at least 12 months of consumption history and with account balances paid in full are eligible. 
  • Monthly budget installments are reevaluated in April, August and December based on the account’s consumption history. If necessary, the monthly amount will be adjusted accordingly.
  • There is no “catch up” month. When reevaluating the account any under-collected amounts and overpaid amounts are “rolled over” into the next 12 months.
  • Monthly budget installments must be paid before the disconnect date. If payment is not received, the account will be removed from the budget plan. The account is not eligible for budget billing until a good credit history is reestablished.
  • If an account is removed from budget billing for any reason, any balance on the account is due immediately.
  • Budget Billing is automatically renewed, unless terminated by either the member or the cooperative.

Interested in Budget Billing?

Complete the form below or contact a Member Accounts Representative at 1-800-635-4145.

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