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How to Become a Director

EnerStar Board of Directors - General Information

EnerStar belongs to the people who use it and operates for the benefit of the membership. The member-owners share equally in the control of the cooperative. At the Annual Meeting, members just like you, are elected to serve on the Board of Directors.


To Direct or Not to Direct

New directors are often amazed at the body of knowledge the electric industry encompasses. If a new director is not already familiar with the utility business, it can take several years to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to be a truly proficient director. The role of director is a huge commitment-of time, energy, and education - more than most members may realize! If you are interested in becoming a director candidate, you may wish to ask yourself if you:

  • Have the willingness to devote significant time and effort to board meetings and important committee meetings
  • Have the desire to keep abreast of cooperative and industry trends and help identify development opportunities
  • Have the ability and time to study and understand detailed reports and background materials
  • Have the ability to think, speak, and act independently, but thoughtfully
  • Are supportive of the cooperative's goals and objectives as set by the board and management
  • Are personally committed to the community and have a rapport with outside organizations, members, and the public
  • Are a leader and are experienced and respected by your peers
  • Are a good communicator and an enthusiastic and effective spokesman
  • Are sensitive to possible conflicts of interest and have a clear respect for confidentiality


Requirements and Responsibilities for Directors
  • Must be a current member of the cooperative, receiving electric service from EnerStar Power at your primary residence. Directors pay the same rate for electric service and follow the same policies as all other members.
  • Must not be an employee or close relative of an employee; must not be a spouse of a current director
  • Must attend all regular board meetings, normally scheduled for the last Tuesday of each month; special board meetings as called; the EnerStar Annual Meeting; committee meetings, regional and national meetings
  • Must obtain training in the industry at every opportunity and stay abreast of current developments
  • Must exercise due care and diligence and devote the necessary time and effort to the duties of a director to oversee the cooperative’s business and affairs
  • Must be loyal to the cooperative, acting at all times in good faith for its best interests, unaffected by any personal interest that is in conflict with the best interest of the cooperative
  • Must adhere to all applicable requirements of law, the cooperative’s articles and bylaws, board policies, contracts, and the cooperative’s duly made decisions


  • Public service—to neighbors and the community—is its own reward!
  • A per diem, based on a formula that rewards and encourages meeting attendance, is paid to directors on a monthly basis, for attendance at regular and special board meetings, committee meetings, and director education classes.
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