Choose between several billing and payment options.

If you want more flexibility with your electric bills, EnerStar provides two alternative billing methods - Budget Billing and PrePay Electric - in addition to the traditional billing method. Below are more details on these programs.

If you are facing difficulty in paying your billing statement, please contact the Member Services department at 1-800-635-4145 as soon as possible. We may have payment options available that can assist you.

If you do not have online access to our SmartHub account, please click here to register for online access.


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Going paperless with your billing can make the process easier and more organized. Signing up for this service is simple - just log in to your SmartHub online profile (either through the website or app), and select the paperless option. Once you've opted in, you will receive a monthly email notification when your billing statement is ready. As a thank you for participating in this program, EnerStar will provide you with a $5 bill credit. While using SmartHub, we encourage you to explore its useful features, such as autopay, usage history, and outage reporting.

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If you're interested in an alternative payment plan for your electricity bills, PrePaid Electric might be a suitable option for you. This plan allows you to pay for your electricity before its use. Starting a prepaid account is a simple process, requiring only a $25 deposit and a minimum of $75 in your prepaid account. You can make payments in person at our office, online, through our SmartHub app, or by calling 844-975-2743. Additionally, you can make payments at several remote locations for a small fee, some of which are accessible around the clock. All payments will be posted to your account within 15 minutes. You can sign up for email and text notifications to stay up-to-date with your daily balance and receive alerts when your balance is low. For more information or to sign up, please contact the Member Services department at 800-635-4145.


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EnerStar's Budget Billing helps members eliminate the fluctuations in monthly electric bills by leveling out the monthly payments. Click HERE for more information or contact the Member Services department to sign up.

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