Building a new home can be an exciting time but it can also be somewhat overwhelming. Or maybe you need to upgrade your current facilities. With some preplanning, EnerStar can help make the process of obtaining electrical service easier. Once you have an idea of your plans, the first step is to call the EnerStar engineering department to set up an appointment for a staking appointment.

Necessary Information for the Staking Appointment

The staking appointment will help EnerStar determine your electrical needs. You will need to know the following:

  • Where the structure will be placed and the locations of the septic system and driveway; and consider any future building plans you may have. This will help us determine the best route to bring electricity to your meter base.
  • What size of service needed. EnerStar can assist you with your decision based on your electric load.
  • Whether you want overhead or underground service.

As you can see, quite a bit goes into the initial meeting and planning is essential. Modifications to the work order can be costly in both time and money.

Construction Costs

Based on the information you provided at the staking appointment, the EnerStar representative will prepare a construction cost estimate.  Any changes made after the job has been staked and the work order is generated, could be subject to a restaking fee of up to $150. The construction invoice must be paid before work will begin. In addition, a meter deposit is required prior to the service being built. 

Temporary Electrical Service (if applicable)

In some instances, temporary service is not necessary. But if it is, once the construction invoice has been paid and your electrician has installed your meter base, EnerStar will schedule crews to provide your temporary electrical service. The temporary structure should be set within 15-feet of EnerStar's transformer.  

Temporary to Permanent Electrical Service

In most cases, the EnerStar representative drew up the plans for permanent service at the original staking appointment, and it will not be necessary to meet in person again. However, the System Engineer will have to come out to the site and re-flag the permanent service. Once your permanent meter structure has been installed by your electrician, EnerStar will schedule crews to provide your permanent electrical service.

New Service Schedule

Staking appointments are generally able to be scheduled within 10 working days, but in the busy summer months it can take longer. Scheduling the crews to perform the line construction generally takes 7-10 working days but again, it can take longer. Weather or other situations beyond EnerStar's control could delay this time frame. EnerStar will work diligently to meet a member's electrical supply needs but know that planning ahead is imperative.  

For more information about new construction or service upgrades, contact EnerStar's Greg Hollingsworth at 1-800-635-4145, ext 110.