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The cooperative's directors are EnerStar members, just like you. You and your fellow co-op members elect them to set policy and govern the co-op. Nine directors sit on the board, residing in and representing a specific district in the cooperative. Any EnerStar member can run for a directorship if they reside in the appropriate district. Elections are held before the Annual Meeting of Members.

EnerStar's service territory has three Voting Districts. Each Voting District has three Representative Districts. Elections are held annually for one representative district in each Voting District. Terms are three years. We are working on a digital map of the districts, but in the meantime, below is a district map and legal description of each district. Call our office at 800-635-4145 if it is unclear which district you reside in.

The EnerStar Board of Directors generally meets on the last Tuesday of each month

Map of EnerStar Director Districts Legal Description of Board Districts

Click here to learn how to run for the EnerStar Board of Directors.

Need to email your district's board member? Click this link. Your email will be forwarded by EnerStar personnel to the appropriate director.

Danny Gard, Jr.
Board Chairman

West Union, IL
Serving since 2000 - CCD*
Dist 9 (Clark)

Granville Colvin

Paris, IL
Serving since 2022
Dist 3 (Edgar)

Thad Martin

Paris, IL
Serving since 2020
Dist 5 (Edgar)

Kevin Julian

Metcalf, IL
Serving since 2012 - CCD*
District 2 (Edgar, Vermilion)

Jeff Zimmerman
Vice Chairman

Oakland, IL
Serving since 2002 - CCD*
Dist 1 (Coles, Douglas, Edgar)

Greg Robinson

Marshall, IL 
Serving since 2019
Dist 8 (Clark)

Jeff Murphy
Asst. Sec-Treasurer

Marshall, IL 
Serving since 2016 - CCD*
Dist 6 (Clark)

Darin Griffin

Paris, IL 
Serving since 2021
Dist 4 (Edgar)

Julie Higginbotham

Martinsville, IL
Serving since 2023
Dist 7 (Clark)