What is a Co-operative?

Being a member of a cooperative is a unique experience because we are owned by our members and operate for their benefit, rather than to generate profits for investors. This sets us apart from other businesses and is what we refer to as the co-op difference!

  • Locally Owned and Operated - EnerStar is locally owned and managed by member-owners, including you if you receive electric service from us. The Board of Directors are 9 co-op members elected by the membership responsible for overseeing the co-op and establishing its policies and rates. 
  • Responsive to the Member-Owners and Local Needs - Our goal is to always provide exceptional service and be responsible for our member-owners' needs, aiming to improve their quality of life.

The co-op business model is based on seven cooperative principles that we hold in the highest regard as guidelines for all our daily business practices.

The nation is home to about 1,000 electric cooperatives serving 42 million people in 48 states. Electric co-ops power 56% of the nation's landmass. EnerStar is proud to be part of the cooperative network,  mutually working differently for a brighter future!