One of our cooperative principles is "Concern for the Community." We prioritize our community's welfare. To uphold this principle, we are thrilled to partner with CoBank, one of our lending partners, to offer the Sharing Success Grant. This grant is specifically designed for designated 501(c)3 organizations, school corporations, and governmental entities within the communities that EnerStar serves. We are proud to say that since 2023, we have donated $165,000 to our communities. If you know of a worthy organization that may meet the criteria, we encourage you to contact Angela Griffin through email or phone at 1-800-635-4145

CoBank Sharing Success Grant Recipients

2022 - Martinsville Ag Fair - Clark County Fair - Edgar County Fair
Funds were used to upgrade facilities at each of the fair locations.

2021 - Area Volunteer Fire Departments
Funds were distributed to fourteen area volunteer fire departments. There were a variety of projects, including thermal image cameras, new heart defibrillators, and grain bin rescue classes.

2020 - Paris Crestwood, Kansas, Chrisman, Shiloh, Oakland, Martinsville School, Marshall Schools
Funds used to assist schools with government-mandated COVID expenses that were not reimbursed to the schools

2019  - Edgar County Food Pantry - Chrisman Food Pantry - Northern Edgar County Ambulance Service
The food pantry funds were used for food purchases for needy families in Edgar County. The ambulance service, which serves the northern part of the EnerStar service territory, used funds to upgrade a heating system at the ambulance garage

2018 - Clark County Sheriff's Department - Edgar County Sheriff's Department
The Clark County Sheriff's Department purchased purchase ballistic vests for the probation department. In Edgar County, the sheriff's department replaced a fingerprinting system that was well beyond its 10-year lifespan. Prior to this, they used a paper-and-ink method that could not be network-connected to the state's attorney, Illinois State Police, or the FBI. The new digital system will also allow for employment and background checks.

2017 - Oakland Food Pantry - Clark County Park District
The Oakland Food Pantry had been gifted a food storage and distribution building. Grant funds were used to replace flooring and install new plumbing in the bathroom to bring it up to code. The electric service was upgraded as the facilities could not adequately run the food storage freezers. The Fay Pickering Mountain Bike and Hiking Trails, located at Mill Creek Park, is a nationwide high-ranking trail. To further enhance the trails, the grant funds were used to develop a bike/footpath across the lake’s dam, connecting the 8 miles of existing trails. The single track, dug out mostly by hand, attracts riders and event participants from all over the Midwest.

2016 - Twin Lakes All-Ability Playground
Assisted with playground construction in the heart of Paris’ Twin Lakes Park, which is specially designed for children of all abilities, where children with physical limitations can play equally with others

2015 - Human Resources Center of Edgar and Clark Counties
Donated to HRC’s capital campaign to expand its comprehensive behavioral healthcare in east central Illinois

2014 - University of Illinois Extension - Edgar and Clark counties (4H)
Funds were used to purchase computer tablets, cooking school kits, and new copiers for the Clark and Edgar County offices to develop educational youth and adult programming further. The Extension service was able to use the funds to match with another grant from the State of Illinois to receive an additional $7,500.

2013 - Marshall Food Distribution Center & Martinsville Food Pantry
Grant funds for two food pantries to serve residents in Clark County

2012 - Paris High School Construction FundDuring school construction, which EnerStar serves, funds were used to furnish a science and a math classroom. On a side note, that same year, EnerStar also secured a $75,000 Power Moves grant from Wabash Valley Power Alliance that was used for energy efficiency initiatives, including a geothermal heating unit, LED lights, and motion sensors. The cooperative was also instrumental in the school securing a $100,000 Clean Energy grant from the state.