The Who, What, and Why

Cooperatives are passionate about their business model: not-for-profit, locally controlled, and one member receives one vote. They are so passionate about the unique business model that they often form other co-ops to provide the goods and services they need to operate efficiently. EnerStar belongs to a financial cooperative for its banking needs, a software cooperative for its billing and accounting needs, and a generation and transmission cooperative for its electricity and infrastructure needs. That is where Wabash comes in.

Wabash Valley Power Alliance, located in Indianapolis, is a generation and transmis­sion electric cooperative made up of 23 electric co-ops across Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. They generate and transmit the electricity EnerStar needs to distribute electricity to you.

Wabash shares the cooperative spirit with EnerStar — existing not to enrich the bank accounts of outside investors, but to give back to members — to keep reliable and affordable electricity at the heart of the co-op mission. That means finding ways to balance demand for electricity with costs, and it means helping you make informed decisions about how you use electricity. When you save electricity, everyone saves, because they can subtract the kilowatt-hours needed from their power supply plan. Collectively, the energy savings add up and delay or eliminate the need to build additional power plants.

Being responsive to our members’ needs, both EnerStar and Wabash will continue to serve the membership with its electricity needs. We’re all in this together!

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