Petitions available for June 2023 board elections
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EnerStar Electric Cooperative’s Annual Meeting of Members is set for June 3, and cooperative members have the opportunity to run in the ­upcoming board of directors election. Members who are eligible candidates and can commit the time and energy to the member-owned ­corporation may want to consider this opportunity.

The role of director is a huge commitment – of time, energy and education – more than most members realize. Thankfully, there are members who are willing to serve in this important capacity. Decisions made can affect the membership into the next generation.

For the 2023 election, EnerStar has three director seats, which are three year terms in Districts 1A, 5B, and 9C.

Members interested in running for the board should contact the cooperative office to verify eligibility and receive a petition packet. The packet includes all the necessary information one would need to learn more about the cooperative and the role of the director.

Board petitions require the signatures of 15 EnerStar members who live in the candidate’s Voting District. All members signing petitions must have an original membership card on file and must be currently receiving electricity from the cooperative. Candidates will also need to check with cooperative personnel to make certain they reside within the correct Representative District.

Petition packets will be available beginning February 22, 2023.

Completed petitions may be turned in to the ­cooperative office from March 20, 2023 to April 4, 2023. Candidates should also provide a short biographical sketch, 250 words or less, and a digital photo to be published with the Annual Meeting Notice. Candidates should also make plans to attend the 2023 Annual Meeting of Members on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

The tentative mailing date of the official notice of the meeting will be late April.

EnerStar Voting Districts2023 elections

Representative Board District Descriptions
3 year terms

Voting District 1A

District 1 - Currently served by Jeff Zimmerman, Oakland

The Townships of Newman, Bowdre, and Sargent in Douglas County, Illinois; the Townships of East Oakland and Ashmore in Coles County, Illinois; the Township of Embarrass in Edgar County, Illinois; and all that portion of the Township of Shiloh lying south of the 1800th Road in Edgar County, Illinois

Voting District 5B

District 5 - Currently served by Thad Martin, Paris

The Township of Elbridge in Edgar County, Illinois; all that portion of the Township of Symmes lying north of the 400th Road and west of Illinois Highway 1 in Edgar County, Illinois; and all that portion of the Township of Symmes lying north of the 300th Road and east of Illinois Highway 1 in Edgar County, Illinois

Voting District 9C

District 9 - Currently served by Danny Gard, West Union

The Townships of Anderson, Darwin, Melrose, and York in Clark County, Illinois; and all that portion of the Township of Marshall lying south of Interstate Highway 70 in Clark County, Illinois